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Rebecca provides

psychological & educational services for children, adolescents, parents, & families, specifically designing a comprehensive intervention for both home & school for each individual client.  The recommended interventions might include one or more of the following:  Individual therapy and/or Play therapy, Family therapy, and/or Parent Education.

How will therapy help my child or teen?

Children & adolescents face many unique challenges today.  Pressures at school, problems at home, & dealing with peers can be overwhelming.  It is not always easy for children & teens to express what is bothering them.  They may not know or understand why they are feeling the way they do.  Oftentimes they act out with behavioral problems or symptoms.  Therapy can help.

Therapy provides a safe & supportive environment & relationship with a professional that can help them resolve problems, relieve pressures, & develop healthy coping.  They can have a positive, hopeful attitude & perspective about their lives & future.

What is play therapy?

Play therapy is a structured, theoretically based approach to therapy that builds on the normal learning & communication process of children.  It is a particularly effective form of therapy for children, who communicate their ideas & feelings more easily through play.


Play therapy differs from regular play in that the therapist helps children to address & resolve their own problems.  Through play therapy, children learn to communicate with others, express feelings, modify behavior, develop problem-solving skills, & learn a variety of ways of relating to others.  Play provides a safe psychological distance from their problems & allows expression of thoughts & feelings appropriate to their development. 


What is family therapy?

Family therapy involves the whole family in the solution, regardless of whether the problem is considered an “individual” or “family” issue.  It views change in terms of the interactions between family members & emphasizes family relationships as an important factor in psychological health.


What is Parent Education?

With so much information available to parents (books, television, internet, to name a few), it can be overwhelming.  Parent education in therapy is solution focused for the particular issues that are happening both in the home & at school.  Specific strategies are taught to the parents that will be most beneficial to their situation.  Consistent feedback helps to ensure optimal success.